Easy IP Solution
Hikvision’s Easy IP solution makes the installation easy and secure. Installation is a labor-intensive effort that requires an Ethernet cable and a  power plug for the camera. With the PoE NVR, you only need an Ethernet cable to connect the IP  camera and NVR. Stores often have existing downlights or at least designated areas for  these lights. Using a recessed-mount dome, these spaces can be  utilized without any re-work or construction. Several fixed cameras have to be  installed to cover the entire store. The whole shop is covered by one  isheye camera, reducing time and  labor costs. Once a camera is installed, adjusting the lens is difficult. With a PT (pan-tilt) camera, you can control the direction of the  lens with a mouse.
For analog users, configuring the IP address forwarding can be a headache and may prevent them from choosing an IP solution. Hikvision’s  PoE NVR solves that problem for you and also saves time for mass configuration. For some locations, deploying an Ethernet network for IP cameras is a constraint. A complete solution that incorporates Wi-Fi cameras and NVRs addresses this problem
Hikvision’s Easy IP cameras offer high compression efficiency and reduce the burden of transmission and storage on the  IP surveillance system. Bandwidth and storage costs are significant concerns when considering a high definition IP system — a standard H.264 camera with full  HD1080P resolution and one month of recording can result in about 1.2 TB of space consumed. Hikvision’s H.264+ optimized codec technology helps to reduce storage consumption by up to 1/3 compared to traditional IP systems — a  H.264+ IP camera with full HD1080P resolution and one month of recording consumes about 462 GB.
All Hikvision Easy IP cameras support the EZVIZ Cloud P2P service, which enables remote access simply by using a smartphone to  scan the supplied product QR code. Home The Companies We Are Working With